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Have you ever watched a Parliament session? It can get nasty in there, with the members of parliament going for each other’s heads. Thankfully, there is an official to control the debate; the speaker. He helps moderate the sessions and ensures that there is order. Without him/her, little would ever be accomplished there. He/she is the mediator. The same reasoning can be applied to cars on a road. Everyone is in a hurry trying to get to wherever he/she is going. Without a mediator to control the motion of vehicles, accidents and chaos will surely arise. That is the exact job description of traffic lights; mediate traffic.

The funny thing is that a traffic light has the exact same colors we are using. Which makes the guess for the third color of this year very easy. If you haven’t guessed it yet – it will be green. The color green can be associated with many things such as flora, Heiniken, sustainability, and many more! 

The anecdote of the traffic light gives me many opportunities to write about different topics, but one of the most burning questions in my mind is: does everyone stop for a red light? I’ve caught myself running through a red light more often than not. Don’t worry, I only do it when I’m walking or going by bike. I won’t run a red light when going by car, because I am scared of a fine… Unfortunately the quarter for the color red is over so I cannot rant about this anymore. This quarter I will be discussing different topics that are related to the color green. If you have anything that you find interesting or have any good ideas for me to talk about, please send me a message or walk up to me in the BouwPub next thursday on February 17th!