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New quarter, new colour

You might have noticed that writing is a passion of mine (or else I wouldn’t be in the publications committee as the writer of articles). However, writing in English, which isn’t my mother tongue, comes with new challenges and findings for me. Therefore, my passion is getting challenged with every blog I write. I struggle with multiple things when writing, but foremost; is the way I phrase my sentences the correct way of expressing my feelings and opinions? Maybe I am too blunt about my topics and writing style. But that doesn’t stop me from performing ony of my biggest passions; creative writing. 

When you look up the word passion in the dictionary you will find that passion is an intense desire or enthusiasm for something or someone. Being passionate is something beautiful, but it could also be something dangerous. It is a fiery emotion that could create tunnel vision or even anger. However, during my masters it was argued that anger isn’t necessarily a bad thing to achieve things. I do not agree with that. I agree with the theory of the philosopher Hume. According to him we need passion as well as reason to fuel our motivation. I don’t think anger fits into the picture of motivation. 

In the introduction I was talking about my passion for writing. Don’t even start thinking that is the only passion I have! Passion is in all little crooks and corners even with the things you don’t like. After almost two years of not studying, I noticed that studying is something I don’t like. I am talking about die hard reading, learning all the facts and cram things into your head. However I do see acquiring new knowledge as another passion of mine, which is strange for my adversity of studying. 

During the last quarter I wrote about the colour yellow and happiness. Now we got into the second quarter it is time for a new colour and new topics to write about. Guess what? I will make you guess the new colour based on the topic of this article. Let me know what colour you think will be next. Will it be blue, green or red?

Cheers to a new colour,