Once you have graduated from our MSc track, you will be qualified to fulfill a wide range of roles with all parties involved in the whole building process, for example, as an executive at a development company, large building company or architectural firm, as a manager at a construction project management office or as a policy official at a public housing organisation.

Each section in the Department MBE (Design & Construction Management, Real Estate Management, Housing Management and Urban Development Management) has put forward a number of research subjects that relate to current and emerging societal or scientific challenges, and draw from precedent research within the department. In addition to section-specific subjects, there are also wider, overarching ones (such as BOLD Cities) that concern the whole department and are developed by researchers from different sections of MBE. Students are requested to select one of these subjects for their thesis topic and one of the researchers active on the subject as their main mentor.

The subjects can be found below, as on Brightspace ( Graduation subjects under Graduation documents ). In addition to a short description of the subject and the names of relevant MBE researchers, this page also contains references to key literature on each subject, including relevant products of MBE research. By studying this literature, students can obtain a clear understanding of each subject and identify topics that interest them personally. Also tips & tricks from former students can be found and used during the graduation process.

During the graduation lab, all subjects are presented through a series of introductory lectures. Each lecture is followed by a discussion with students that clarifies possibilities for thesis topics, connections to ongoing research, relevance to practice and wider initiatives.

Graduation topics