Students will pick their top 5 preferred challenges from the 6 challenges from the added document found below. During the course they will work on 2-5 challenges depending on the numbers of students and study load per challenge. Based on the number of students attending the course, small groups will be assigned for students to work within.

SUM will guide and tutor these students based on their experience with these challenges and partnership with companies like ABN AMRO. SUM will provide students with a hands-on and practical application of their research.
Tutors from BK faculty will be asked to join this elective and occasionally tutur students and most importantly review the deliverables.

Possible follow-up to graduation
This elective also could serve as a great kickstarter for possible thesis topics for MBE students. Students could continue with the research they’ve done in this elective on their challenge in their thesis. Further improving the academic relevance of this research and greatly contributing to these challenges.

Each group of students will deliver a final report and presentation on their chosen challenge. Groups should work to find innovative and creative solutions, however deliverables must be reinforced by relevant scientific literature. The final report shall be no more than 5,000 words (10 pages). This does not include images, figures, tables, or references. The final presentation shall be 10 minutes long followed by 5 minutes of questions and answers.

The aim of this course is to introduce to the students the economic and social impact of sustainable design decisions on the key stakeholders. The course shall try to answer the question “what must we do to reach our objectives?” by outlining business and operational strategies.

More info can be found in the linked document below, or contact SUM via Enrollment is not available trough BIS, you can email SUM for enrollment as well. There is a limited amount of students that can enroll to this course, so please contact SUM timely if you want to join the course. They will let you know on time if you are able to enroll.

SUM – MBE Elective 10 credits Description