Course content

This course focuses on the project management of construction projects. Projects, in all contemporary industry sectors and specifically in construction, are becoming increasingly complex and challenging with the accelerated advances in technology, new business models, forms of collaboration, availability requirements, and an augmented demand to deliver economic value and a competitive advantage. Managing projects in this environment requires strong leadership skills and proficiency in project management knowledge and practice to be able to achieve the project and organizational objectives on time, on budget and to the satisfaction of stakeholders.
The course is designed to provide students with scholarly knowledge in the practice of managing construction projects in order to enhance their career options and prepare them to move into management roles by developing their professionalism, versatility and leadership in an environment of constant change.

The curriculum follows the competencies required to move a project through its various stages. The course provides a thorough exploration of project management processes and tasks. These include:
– Project organisation
– Planning tasks and control strategies
– Contracts and procurement methods
– Communication and relationships between project stakeholders.
– Risk analysis and management