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Complex construction and engineering projects require collaboration between a variety of actors within a complex and dynamic environment. An environment that is influenced by various social, political and physical factors. These actors may be related to a project in various ways, e.g. as decision makers, regulators, risk taking participants and stakeholders, each with different interests, resources and attitudes towards a project, being affected by a project and influencing it in different ways and degrees. In order to understand and adequately deal with these characteristics, process management is needed in addition to project management. Building on practical experiences and process management theory, this course aims at providing students with insights, concepts and skills needed to understand the nature of interaction between actors regarding the initiation and development of, and decision making on projects within uncertain and dynamic situations. They will learn to analyse, develop and apply strategies, tools and arrangements that are part of the process management approach, to understand the differences with line and project management and to recognize the conditions for applying process management.