This elective course is developed for students (either architecture, urbanism, technology, or management) who like to investigate the opportunities for starting a venture in the built environment, or want to develop an entrepreneurial attitude in taking on exciting challenges in the built environment.
In this course students are guided in developing their ideas about a self-owned venture (design-firm, innovator, service provider, project management expert, etc.). A venture that gives them freedom for personal development, pursuing personal goals. Within the course, the student’s competencies are central and joint work is being done on the development of an entrepreneurial plan, making use of an entrepreneurial mindset. The course is provided by a team of teachers with an entrepreneurial background from the faculty of ‘architecture and the built environment’ complemented with teachers from the ‘Delft Centre for entrepreneurship’.
Course Contents
The common theme of the course is the translation of a student’s individual idea into a viable plan to start his or her own company. The course contains the following elements:
– discovering various aspects of being an entrepreneur through the analysis of a case and interviewing entrepreneurs
– imaging the student’s personality with respect to an entrepreneurial mindset.
– designing a blue-print for the self-owned company, resulting in an entrepreneurial plan and a roadmap. Using his/her knowledge, skills and network of contacts, the student will be challenged to design a blue-print for his/her company. A clear vision, a way to to differentiate the company, and proper understanding of the potential client’s values are key aspects.
– pitching the ideas within their own network and incorporating feedback into a final plan
– reflecting on general feedback from their network and teachers