This course offers theoretical fundamentals of entrepreneurship and technology innovation. You create a case study of an existing start-up analysing its entrepreneurial journey and how it fits the broad technology development process. This course helps you prepare for a wide array of career paths, from starting or joining an high-tech start-up to academic research on the topics of technology entrepreneurship and innovation.
Course contents
Throughout the course you will develop the skills to analyse the emergence of innovative business opportunities and how these are exploited. Using proven content, methods, and models for new venture opportunity assessment and analysis, you will learn how to analyze the commercial potential of implementing new technologies either by analyzing social challenges or analyzing the value of technology for various user applications. Innovation, opportunity recognition, strategic decision making, business modelling, marketing and growth stages of high-tech start-ups are core elements of the course.
Student experiences
Student 1: “This elective is about analyzing a startup with a group of your choosing. With this group you need to make a report and a presentation for a grade, which is interesting and good to do. In the last week you also have a brightspace quiz online for a grade, which tests all the knowledge you learned in the previous weeks. I enjoyed the elective very much and got a good grade in the end.