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The following list consists of our Senior Partners. BOSS is proud to be so closely connected to these organisations, as we share a lot of their values and their ambition to be the best in their fields.

Kondor Wessels Vastgoed is real estate developer that is positioned in the centre of society. Their aim is to realise innovating projects by crossing borders and being creative. Their specialisation is the solving of complex real estate cases. Through their unconventional approach and the placing of their projects in a broader context, Kondor Wessels Vastgoed is able to grab ...

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BOSS is the study association of the department Management in the Built Environment (MBE) at the TU Delft. MBE has been actively involved with BOSS and a Senior Partner since its establishment in 1993. The department of MBE educates students to specialists in the fields of real estate management, design and construction management, urban area development and housing. MBE provides ...

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