SkaaL bouweconomisch adviesbureau

SkaaL is a specialized consultancy company in the field of building economics. Our expertise extends from providing guidance to developers, architects, investors, governmental bodies, and engineering firms during the conception to the construction phase of property developments. We manage an extensive variety of building projects ranging from residential high-rises to complete commercial malls and from airports to the renovation of monuments. We operate primarily within the Randstad region of the Netherlands, but also across Europe and worldwide. The business of SkaaL extends beyond determining the construction and investment costs, as we also advise our clients on the revenues, risks and optimization in design. We add value for our clients by optimising the projects from the early stages of development aiming for the optimal design outcome within the available budget. We are a young team of over twenty (inter)national colleagues and are constantly looking for enthusiastic young professionals to join our team. Our talent development and buddy program is available for every new team member to shape the skills needed to become a cost consultant. Our mission is “Bringing imagination to life with fun and great commitment”. We work hard, with a passion for complex and challenging projects, besides that we make time for events like dining, drinks, playing padel, an annual skiing event and playing table football at the office.