BPD | Bouwfonds Gebiedsontwikkeling

BPD | Bouwfonds Gebiedsontwikkeling is the largest area developer in the Netherlands. The company operates from 4 offices located in Amersfoort, Amsterdam, Delft and Eindhoven. Since its inception in 1946, BPD has realized the construction of over 380.000 homes. These days, more than one million people live in residential areas bearing our clear signature. In 2019 BPD established ‘BPD Woningfonds’, a residential fund consisting entirely of sustainable and affordable new-build mid-priced rental properties for middle-income households in the Netherlands. BPD is also active in Germany, where it operates from 10 offices under the name BPD Immobilienentwicklung. For more information about BPD, please visit www.bpd.nl or www.bpd.de.