AT Osborne

AT Osborne strives to make the world around us a better, more beautiful place to live in. We leave the grandiose ideas to the dreamers – our focus is on finding practical solutions to the complex problems faced by our society. We enjoy sinking our teeth into seemingly unsolvable puzzles and get floundering projects back on track. A team of around 150 consultants and managers works for clients in the public sector such as ministries, provinces and municipalities. Other major clients of AT Osborne include hospitals, universities and housing associations. Clients employ AT Osborne to manage content or take charge of a design, project or programme on their behalf – whether as a project or process manager, a legal or financial expert, a tendering specialist or a trainer.

At AT Osborne, we use our expertise and experience in the field of project and process management to help find tangible solutions for issues that affect our living environment. From policies to realisation. From the House of Representatives to building sites. From advice to implementation. Every consultant at AT Osborne relishes the challenge of bringing all parties together and achieving results as quickly as possible with the minimum expenditure. This requires a combination of sensitivity (political or otherwise), creativity, well-conceived legal structures, an understanding of human nature, knowledge of specific content and level-headedness. It is no coincidence that these are the skills and qualities that we look for and develop in our managers and advisers.

Are you a (Dutch-speaking) student? And do you share our ambition to work on establishing a better living environment for the future? Visit our website where you can find the latest vacancies, thesis possibilities and coming inhouse days. See you at the Symposium!