Student assistant to refine existing datasets and make them FAIR

We are looking for a part-time student assistant to analyse and import existing datasets in the context of the “Mapping social innovation and collaboration in housing – Co-Lab Mapping” project, led by Dr Darinka Czischke (Department of Management in the Built Environment, BK-TU Delft). Data on collaborative housing are scattered (or even only available upon request) and there is a lack of standard definitions. The Co-Lab Mapping project is the first step to map and provide a scientifically-validated categorisation of the different collaborative housing forms in Europe in a visualisation tool:

The recently awarded 4TU Research Data Fund will allow us to keep aggregating and refining dispersed data and make them FAIR, to create a solid basis for comparative and quantitative studies on collaborative housing.

The main task is to refine and format existing datasets according to a label system developed by the Co-Lab Research team. In addition, formatted datasets (together with a README file and a codebook) are to be stored in the 4TU Research Data Repository, and metadata standards are to be implemented.

These tasks are planned to be completed within a total of 79 working hours, which can be spread over a period of two-three months.


We are accepting applications until 15 February 2022!

If you are interested and need more information please send an email to Sara Brysch