Student assistant MOOC Ruralization

The Ruralization MOOC is looking for a student assistant to join their team.

Are you inspired by initiatives that make rural areas for new generations a place to be? Do you like facilitating people all over the world and from different cultural backgrounds to improve their knowledge and share their ideas in the field of ruralization? Are you a good and accurate communicator? In that case, this position for a student assistant within the Ruralization team is a great opportunity. As a part of the team, you will contribute to the development and realization of a MOOC, a massive open online course, based on insights and findings from the EU Ruralization project combined with the European Ruralization network.

We are looking for someone who can help us to produce the graphic and video materials for the course, as well as to manage the online discussion forum once the course starts.

The ideal candidate has an interest in the topics of the MOOC – namely the regeneration of rural areas and all the challenges that come with it, is able to engage in English written conversations, and is able to produce appealing graphic material to illustrate the content of the course.

Requirements include:

– Interest in the topic of regeneration of rural areas

– Very good English writing skills

– Very good graphic skills (illustration and layouting)

– Experience with video making and animation is a plus

During the course preparation phase, between mid-June and December 2022, the student assistant should prepare the graphic materials related to the course and help with setting up the course on the EdX platform. After the start of the course, in January 2023, the student assistant should also moderate the Online Discussion Forum of the course. Moderation includes answering the questions from online learners, both about course content and about technicalities, but it also entails asking questions to activate discussions among the learners.

These are more in detail some of the tasks that you would be performing, in coordination with the rest of the team:

Before the course starts: mid-June to December, with a summer break (~200hrs)

  • Production of all graphic material (layout and design of images, infographics, course syllabus and other materials);
  • Helping with the script preparation and the video production and editing, including liaisons with the New Media Centre (the student assistant needs to learn how the process works in order to be able to perform their activities after the course starts);
  • Helping with the construction of the course on the EdX back-end, particularly the Discussion Forum (the student assistant needs to learn how the process works in order to be able to perform their activities after the course starts);

After the course starts: mid-January to mid-March (~300hrs)

  • Moderation of Discussion Forum, including answering questions and engaging the students, in coordination with the course creators (e.g. if the student assistant is in doubt about the content of a question they should always refer to the course creators);
  • Fixing problems that arise while the course is running (e.g. assignments not working properly, missing links, and other similar technical issues), in coordination with the course creators;
  • Coordinating the production of weekly Feedback Videos, including: assisting with scripts preparation and subtitling, liaisons with the NMC for video recording and editing (course creators make all the decisions and preparations with regard to the content of the Feedback Videos).

Ideally, we are looking for only one student assistant to help us both before and after the course starts, for a total of 500 hours. However, we are also open to considering candidates for only one of the two periods, either from mid-June to December (200 hours – longer period, less intensive) or from mid-January to mid-March (300 hours – shorter period, more intensive).

Payment is organized through Flex Delft and the salary will depend on the study progress and the number of hours worked. See the following links for more information:

If you have any questions or want more information, you can email us at and

If you are interested in joining the Ruralization team then send us an email before June 13th (included) and tell us about yourself. Please also attach one example of your graphic skills (an image, an infographic, something to showcase your work) and a very short CV.