Project Student Assistent ‘Water bound Transport Zuid-Holland’

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Project Spatial Policy recommendations for a (circular) future of the Province Zuid-Holland


as soon as possible – 02/2023


Dr. Karel Van den Berghe (MBE/UDM) is looking for one or two (maybe more if profiles fit) student assistants that can help with the project ‘Water bound Transport Zuid-Holland’. The project is commissioned by the Province of Zuid-Holland and will be executed by the faculty of Bouwkunde and the Vereniging Deltametropolis.


The province of Zuid-Holland suspects that industrial areas, and especially water bound industrial areas will be important on the short and long term considering the ongoing transitions, like the energy and the circular economy transition. However, in many cases these industrial areas are high on the (political) agenda to be redeveloped into residential areas (e.g. Binckhorst Den Haag, Schieoevers Delft,…). Therefore, by using quantitative and qualitative methods, we will examine if or if not (some) water bound industrial areas should be prevented of residential redevelopment.

The project exists of three steps:

  • Analysing the (non-use) of water bound transport by using network shipping data and geographical mapping. (will be done by among others SAs from geomatics).
  • Developing scenarios to explore the alternative images for Zuid-Holland on different scales to make us look beyond our business-as-usual.
  • Producing policy recommendations

The SA(s) will contribute to steps (2) and (3).

Who are you?

  • You have an interest in policy processes, how diverse actors and multilevel public and private agendas come together, and how they are (not) planned/managed.
    • Note that we will use scenario-methodology. It is not necessary to know what this is. You will be invited to join some courses on scenario methodology that Karel Van den Berghe organizes for the MCD course Urban Resilience.
  • You are a master student from Bouwkunde or TPM, preferably with a link to management and/or spatial planning.
  • You can read Dutch, preferably speak Dutch. We will do interviews and organize round tables.

What do we offer?

  • SA hour rate according to your profile.
  • 16 hours a week (according to the agreements via FlexDelft)
  • An intense collaboration with the province of Zuid-Holland and many private and public organisations.
  • Be co-author of an academic publication.
  • A very interesting time!


Send Karel Van den Berghe your CV and a short motivation: