Junior Green Building Consultant


Metabolic’s mission is to transition the global economy to a fundamentally sustainable State. We advise governments, businesses, and NGOs on how to adapt to a fast-changing global context. Combining systems thinking and data science, we map and understand local and global systems to assess where to intervene and develop solutions that can dramatically shift how the economy functions.

We are an international and dynamic team of around 75 people who share an ambition for catalyzing a sustainable future. Based in the Netherlands with an increasingly international reach as a company, we work at the cutting edge of sustainability initiatives for a broad range of clients across the Netherlands, Europe, the US, and Asia.

About the Position

The Metabolic Green Building Team works on the implementation of sustainable and clean-tech interventions in the built environment. The team breaks down the complexities involved in understanding the (embedded) impact of the total life cycle of a building and building materials and translates these to clear and actionable advice. We’re looking for someone who is passionate about sustainability in the built environment and wants to help move the building sector towards a more sustainable place.

Our team is working across different scales on:

  • Circular and sustainable building design
  • Impact analysis of individual building design and real estate portfolios
  • Circular tendering and procurement
  • Developing Key Performance Indicators for sustainability in the Built Environment
  • Urban mining strategies

In this role, you will support our team through research, quantitative analysis, and impact assessment as well as integrating sustainability measures in building designs either independently or as part of a wider consortium.

The position is a full-time role and will start asap. The position is based in our offices in Amsterdam.


We are looking for someone with…

General skills

    • Fluency in English & Dutch is required
    • Must have a pragmatic and hands-on approach to solving problems
    • Willing to grow into a project manager role and take on responsibilities within a year
    • Communication and stakeholder management skills, to be able to take outward-facing roles in hosting workshops, account management, and speaking engagements
    • Good writing and communication skills

Knowledge and interest

    • Passionate about social and environmental issues in the built environment
    • Thorough understanding of the built environment and sustainable architectural development processes
    • Must have a foundation of knowledge in the circular economy and systems thinking
    • Should be knowledgeable on relevant topics in the (re)development of buildings and urban areas, such as circular design, energy transition, and climate adaptation
    • Knowledgeable about the Dutch construction sector in terms of trends, interactions between stakeholders and processes in development is highly valued

Specific skills and experience

    • Engineering way of thinking with at least a basic understanding of mechanics, thermodynamics, and flow physics, to be able to quickly calculate efficiencies, buffer sizes, or space requirements for clean-tech solutions
    • Experience with determining the circular performance of materials and building systems, and buildings, f.e. calculating the embodied impact of materials, MPG, reuse potential of products, or recycled content of buildings
    • Able to calculate business cases and reflect on the innovation of business models
    • Able to translate analyses into concrete advice or actionable deliverable
    • 1-2 years of working experience preferred.

Do you want to know more? Please visit our website and in case of questions, please feel free to contact us through work@metabolic.nl.