BOSS largest yearly activity is the Study Trip: a research-based summer trip of two to three weeks to one or more destinations around the globe to study a relevant trend in the real estate industry. Every year, around twenty students and two researchers get selected to join the trip. In addition to participating in the study trip, students will follow a tailor-made elective course (3 ECTS) to learn more about the particular topic.

“Changemaking in the Built Environment through Social Entrepreneurship”

Social entrepreneurship combines entrepreneurial action with the bigger goal of creating societal impact for a better world. Learning about social entrepreneurship is especially relevant for students studying in the domain of real estate and the built environment, as the building industry both nationally and worldwide has a huge effect on global challenges: rising CO2 emissions, the inefficient and unsustainable use of materials, housing unaffordability and the growing social inequality and segregation in cities. At the same time, the building industry and housing sector are most underrepresented in the domain of social entrepreneurship. Therefore, there is an urgent need for the building industry to learn more about this topic.

This year, the trip will go to Chile and Peru. During the trip, the students will visit Lima, Santiago, and a surprise destination in-between.

South America is booming when it comes to social entrepreneurship. Chile has been voted number 6 in the world on social entrepreneurship, with capital city Santiago being one of the top 5 hotspots around the world for social entrepreneurs. Peru was the first country in the world to host a Social Innovation summit, with capital city Lima being the only city in the world with a Ministry for Social Development and Inclusion. During the trip, various social entrepreneurs will be visited in order to gain insights that can be translated back to the Dutch real estate sector.