BOSS largest yearly activity is the Study Trip: a research-based summer trip of two to three weeks to one or more destinations around the globe to study a relevant trend in the real estate industry. Every year, around twenty-five students and two teachers get selected to join the trip. Although there are no ECTS associated with the trip this year, students will follow presentations and visit related companies to execute research on the subject:

“The future of home: What are feasible solutions for embedding affordability into sustainable urban housing development?”


A home is one of the most important elements in our daily lives, yet it is increasingly becoming harder to acquire it. In the Netherlands, we are currently facing the challenge of a housing shortage which has greatly reduced the affordability of housing. The increasing pressure on the urban environment is not unique to the Netherlands; many cities around the world are confronted with serious future challenges such as climate change, energy transition and housing shortage, while at the same time the urbanisation trend continues. Within the field of Urban Development Management, increasingly more attention is being paid to the question of how cities can remain both sustainable and affordable while responding to the housing shortage and the urbanisation trend.

The purpose of this year’s trip is to investigate the array of possibilities that exist for realising both sustainability and affordability in urban housing development. The challenge is to integrate two seemingly conflicting goals, as sustainability often requires large investments that could put the affordability, and feasibility, of developments under pressure. The question that arises is whether affordability and sustainability can go hand in hand in urban development projects and what is needed for successfully integrating them. Based on the possibilities for realising both goals (separately), the aim is to embed the aspects of affordability into concepts and guidelines for sustainable urban housing development that can be used in (our) future practice.

This year, the trip will go to Scandinavia, since Scandinavian countries are known to be frontrunners when talking about affordability and sustainability. During the trip, students will visit Helsinki, Tampere, Stockholm, Oslo, Gothenburg, Copenhagen and Hamburg.

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