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Over the Christmas holidays I have been thinking about a new subject to write about. The holidays are almost over and I am still wondering what to write. When I think about the colour red multiple things, emotions and companies flash through my mind. For example, fire, love, Christmas, communism, Levi’s, etc. I feel you are wondering, write about one of these subjects?! Well, for this next blog I wanted to link my studies (Management in the Building Environment) to the color red. That is quite a hard thing to do, because how the heck can I link red to MBE? Let me tell you something, I found a way

Most people who will read this blog know what I am writing about when I mention 210x100x50. The thing I am talking about is the most basic building material that is used in the Netherlands. No, it’s not concrete. The object that I am talking about is a brick. Most of the time the brick has standard measurements, can be laid in different patterns and be used in different ways. 

I want to use the brick as a metaphor for what we are doing as MBE students. For this metaphor I am obviously using the red brick. Let’s take a look at a brick. It has multiple shapes, colours and sizes. This brick can be compared with the problems we have to solve at MBE. These problems go from empty coffee machines to making new friends to solving the whole housing crisis in ten weeks. In Conclusion, these problems have different shapes and sizes just like a brick!

Step two is to stack these bricks on top of each other to create a wall and build multiple walls to create a building. This stacking can be done in various different ways. I can name them all, but I will spare you the horrific details. Just like there are multiple ways to build a wall with different shaped and sized bricks, there are also multiple ways to solve problems. You just have to stack the different steps on top of each other to create the solution. I guess what I am trying to say is there are multiple ways to solve your problems with or without bricks. 

Cheers to another brick in the wall,