All activities and publications of BOSS are provided by six different committees. These committees consist of active BOSS members and are each managed by a board member.

Each committee has its own character and in this way offers students the opportunity to realise their ambitions, meet new people and get to know the business world. Participating in a committee of BOSS offers you the opportunity to gain experience and to expand your resume at one of the most active practice associations for Dutch real estate students.

The different committees are displayed below.


Member Role
Tim de Groot Chairman
Esra van der Weijden Promotion
Thymen Sieval Treasurer
Lyonne van der Vegte Program & logistics
Ravelijn van Laar Program & logistics
Bente Elders Secretary

Company Relations

Member Role
Rowin Teunisssen Chairman
Nick Coes External Logistics
Floor Berkhouwer Internal Logistics
Astrid Brandt Wassink Job Offers
Nick ‘s Gravemade RECD Acquisition
Tim van der Vlist RECD Acquisition


Member Role
Daphne Bedeaux Chairwoman
Dylan Besten Bachelor Hypebeast
Krystof Kratochvil Evaluation Executor
Nicole Sala De Andreis Lunch Lectures


Member Role
Sarah Meijer Chairwoman
Valerie van den Broek Articles
Frank de Heus Podcast
Carlota Rubio Yearbook
Noah Zijlstra Social media

Real Estate Career Day

Member Role
Feike Jansen Chairwoman
Bes Bovelander Logistics 1
Daan Papenhuijzen Logistics 2
Britt Belt Programma
Emma Swens Promo
Aileen Zwueste Student Relations
Ruben Schmitz Treasurer

Study Trip

Member Role
Maaike Creusen Chairwoman
Floor Rekers Acquisition
Julia Schreuder Program & Logistics
Kavya Pal Promotion
Christiaan Hanse Research
Berend Langenberg Treasurer