All activities and publications of BOSS are provided by six different committees. These committees consist of active BOSS members and are each managed by a board member.

Each committee has its own character and in this way offers students the opportunity to realise their ambitions, meet new people and get to know the business world. Participating in a committee of BOSS offers you the opportunity to gain experience and to expand your resume at one of the most active practice associations for Dutch real estate students.

The different committees are displayed below.


Member Role
Yara Bergers Chairwoman
Daphne Bedeaux Promotion
Feike Jansen Treasurer
Jimi van Leeuwen Program & logistics
Anne Caris Program & logistics

Company Relations

Member Role
Bart Jan de Jonge Chairman
Kevin Vader Vacancies
Sarah Meijer Company contact
Murat Mercan Company contact
Rowin Teunissen Company contact
Daniël Zantinge Company contact


Member Role
Charmaine Ree Chairwoman
Zisis Vomvas Evaluation
Betsy Mulder Promotion
Alek Yordanov Events


Member Role
Robin Meijer Chairman
Corné de Broekert Yearbook
Natalia Tellez Podcast
Lisa Kappers Articles & interviews
Thijmen van Os Social media

Real Estate Career Day

Member Role
Lisa Cornelissen Chairwoman
Bram Kok Logistics
Ilse van Milaan Program
Nina Verschoor Student relations
Deanne Muisers Marketing
Hugo Smid Treasurer


Member Role
Maud Hettema Chairwoman
Gian Carlo Carini Research
Tjessy Lensvelt Program & logistics
Lizanne Espinal Program & logistics
Nick ‘s Gravenmade Treasurer
Olivia Welchsler Acquisition