Yellow isn’t really a happy color

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Yellow isn’t really a happy color

Following up on my last post I made the decision to call you out and let you create an opinion on the color yellow. There are many opinions about this color. Some people find it ugly, some people think it’s pretty and for others it is their favourite color. But the foremost opinion on the color yellow is that it is a happy color. This opinion creates an opportunity to switch out the topic of this blog to the emotion; happy. Over the past two years I haven’t considered myself happy all the time. The corona virus took a toll on everyone, but that made me wonder; is there a way to achieve ultimate happiness?

I think almost everyone had a moment of despair during COVID. A moment where happiness just faded away and hopelessness took over. Amongst you are thousands of other students. For some time student’s mental problems have been addressed in the news. However, not seeing it on the news anymore doesn’t mean the problem just goes away. With bringing up this problem, I want to encourage you to contact that one seemingly lonely person in your study group, distanted friend or even roommate. Maybe they are that one student who feels lonely or sad or developed anxiety or depression. Even a message with you thinking about them could help them feel a little more happy. 

So, what about the ultimate happiness? Being happy is something that we could see as relative. It depends on how you look at it. Your moment of  happiness could be a minority for someone else. Somehow everyone seems to compare their happiness to each other. But why and how? There is no such thing as a happiness meter that you can use to compare yourself to other people. Think about your moments of happiness for a second. You will probably notice that it lies within your memories and thoughts and makes you happy for some time. 

To conclude, this blog I think achieving ultimate happiness all the time isn’t possible. It means shutting out some of your other emotions, which wouldn’t be a great addition to your mental health. However, you could achieve happiness by thinking about your happy moments and doing things that make you happy. Even sharing a happy moment with others will cheer you up. Come and share your happiness with me at the bouwpub during the BOSS q2 drinks on november 17th?! 

Cheers to being happy and creating new happy moments,