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Hello again!

As the popular saying goes ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ and just like that it’s the middle of February and a new quarter has begun. Here’s hoping you had a refreshing break and you’re excited and pumped for all the things this new semester has to offer, which of course includes the many things that BOSS has got lined up for you.

Speaking of which, if you haven’t heard already- enrollment for our study trip to Japan is now open! Don’t worry, you’ve got time till the 1st of March to sign up and what better time than now when you’re still high on all that new semester, new beginning energy to sign up! 

If you need a refresher on the theme for this year, you’ll find all the details at: https://www.bosstudelft.nl/calendar/study-trip/

And if you’re still in two minds about signing up, I’ve got you covered. Here’s a friendly listicle which might give you a reason or two to join us! 

What’s the first thing you think about when you hear the word Japan? The bustling Tokyo city rush hour and nightlife? Ramen? Pokémon? Japanese cherry blossoms? Mount Fuji? Their fancy 23rd century toilets? You’re right on all accounts and this is testament to Japan’s fascinating culture that has evolved over thousands of years. Join us and you’ll get to experience all of this- from their bustling city life to the stillness of their countryside and finally rounding it up with some Japanese nightlife! 

 Speaking of fancy toilets, Japan clearly takes its tech very seriously. From what I’ve gathered, these toilets have fancy electronic controls, come heated, have built-in washlets, and to top it off- some of them even play music! Honestly, this would be reason enough for me to visit Japan, but don’t worry I’ve rounded a few more points just to bring it home. 

How does one handle Japanese rush hour’s when you’ve got some of the world’s best technology at your disposal? Build a public transport system (that almost rivals the Dutch one) of course. We’ll be travelling within and between cities with the Japan Rail pass, giving us the chance to experience this incredible engineering (including bullet trains et al) first-hand.   

 When I first moved to Delft, the one place that occupied everyone’s recommendation list for places to eat at was the infamous Ramen Nikkou. Now how does the idea of a Ramen Nikkou around every street corner sound to you? Yes, we’re talking food, food and more food! Sushi, ramen, teppanyaki, melon pan coffee, bento boxes, Japanese pancakes and more. This trip is going to be an assault (of the best kind) on your culinary senses like never before! 

A good meal becomes a great meal when paired with some choice beverages: read Japanese rice wine, better known as sake. Research also shows that the Japanese also like to pair their liquor with ice cream and that’s a combination you don’t want to miss out on! 

Fellow geeks unite! Besides all the above, Japan is also infamous for its geek culture reputation which includes an opportunity to visit the iconic Studio Ghibli Museum and survive a staged Godzilla attack at the Godzilla Road in Shinjuku. 

Did you ever think you’d strike off ‘go karting in Mario cosplay around Tokyo’ off your bucket list? Well, if you join us, you might have a chance to do just that! Home to some timeless characters- think Pokémon and Mario, the Japanese pay homage to Mario in the most iconic way: by karting around the streets of Tokyo dressed up as Mario characters! 

While vending machines aren’t exactly a new concept, it’s particularly hard to rival the ones that Japan has to offer. These machines dispense everything- from soda, hot and cold tea, and specialty beverages (milk soda, anyone?) as well as fresh bananas, hot meals, socks, ramen, and toys. Consider me sold. 

Need a little breather from all the bustle of Japanese city life and want to pause for a bit in ‘nature’? You’re going to be spoilt for choice here. Japan has a stunning array of landscapes that includes snow-capped mountains, forests, lakes, and beaches. And if you’re starved for contours in the Netherlands, you can hike to your heart’s content in Japan!

Last but not least, as students from Bouwkunde, Japan’s got an insanely large offering of everything design related to awaken all your inner designerly senses. Most of us may already be familiar with all the iconic architecture that Japan boasts of, but also famous are their zen gardens, their quirky signage and street art. Also, to my fellow stationary fanatics: make sure you reserve some extra baggage space because your heart is going to sing with the number of stationery stores there are in Tokyo!

Here’s hoping this gave you a small and enticing idea of what you might get to experience with us during the study trip. So hit that enrol link: https://forms.office.com/pages/responsepage.aspx?id=TVJuCSlpMECM04q0LeCIeyAm_IVvF3dPid_cawK09h5UQUhTRkZHNEw3U1dIU1ZES0M2T1hRWFE3RC4u) and grab the best pair of walking shoes you have!


Until next time,