Education Committee

//Education Committee

The education committee forms the link between students and the MBE staff and plays an important role in the link between students and practice as well. The committee consists of four members and has three main tasks, which are:

  • Organising course evaluations
  • Organising inspiring lectures and activities
  • Promoting the master track MBE

After each quarter, the courses are evaluated. During these evaluations, the course coordinators, teachers and students discuss the content of the courses and the students’ experiences. The results of the evaluations are very valuable for the MBE department and are used to improve the courses. Thus, these evaluations maintain and improve the quality of education.

Besides organising course evaluations, the education committee is also responsible for the organisation of inspiring lectures and activities. Each quarter, an activity with a theme linked to the courses during that quarter is organised. These activities can be lectures, debates, cases or excursions. Hence a link between theory and practice is made and students get the possibility to obtain more knowledge about their future work field.

The third task of the education committee is promoting the master track MBE. This is done during several events at the Faculty of Architecture and at other faculties as well. During these events, the education committee is there to answer questions of interested students and to share their experiences.

In short, the education committee tries to improve the quality of education, promotes the master track amongst interested students and makes the master period as comfortable and as nice as possible for MBE students!

Position Name
Chairman Luuk Kuipers
Marketing & Information Esther Arensman
Course evaluations Dennis Tran
Student Affairs Saskia Geerts